The Steady Cafe & Bar


We're a Miami-inspired bar and brunch spot. Folks love us at night for our homemade cocktails, craft beer, vegan donuts, espresso, free wifi and unique events and dance parties. Folks love us in the daylight for our non-vegan vegan brunch, award-winning vegan + GF donuts, caesar bar, breakfast cocktails, lattes and free wifi!

Brunch: Sat & Sun 10-3
Nights: Tues - Sat 8pm - 2am
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Have you joined us for brunch yet?

Our homemade brunch features signature vegan and meat dishes, 
award-winning vegan donuts, brunch cocktails and a full espresso menu! 

**Please note that we do not take brunch reservations. As brunch places in Toronto go, we have quite a bit of seating and therefore rarely have a wait at the door! When we do have waits, they are not usually longer than 10-15 minutes. Often we can seat you, get you drinks and one of our award-winning vegan donuts while waiting  to put your food order in, if necessary.  Should you choose to come with a large group, we're thrilled to have you, but please keep in mind that our smallish kitchen can only output 6 plates a time!

We're very grateful to have been voted 'Best Brunch Toronto' on top 10 lists by BlogTO a couple of times over the last 3 years! 

Our menu features vegan brunch entrees and entrees with sausage, bacon and eggs and milk ingredients. All of our meat is sourced from Gasparos Butcher down the street which boasts only buying from more humane and healthy Mennonite farms in Ontario.  We've made this decision so people from all dietary preferences can eat together.

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